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Software Bank is Here!  Our primary goal is to be your primary resource for everything software.

Software are the instructions that tell a computer or device to do what we want it to do.  Without software, it is just an electronic device and worthless to us.

Computer software sometimes is just called software is a computer program (or series of programs) and data related to those programs that provide the instructions for telling a computer what to do, AND, how to do it.  The device itself is DUMB.  It does not know how to do anything.  The software is what teaches it.

Now, having said that, a computer or smart device can be just about anything these days and not just a traditional computer (desktop or laptop) that we used to think of them as.  Today, virtually every device is actually a computer including: cell phones, smart phones, our cars, dvr, etc.  All of those devices are actually computers in one way or another.  Some, like the DVR is a specialized computer, designed to just do 1 thing, others are capable of multiple tasks like a smart phone.

Software can also sometimes not only be a program as we traditionally think of it – often, it refers to any data or information stored in a computer or smart device.  It is not “tangible” in the typical sense as we cannot touch it or feel it, but it does exist somewhere and can be accessed if we need it.

Sometimes Hard to Separate Hardware from Software

In this day and age the “blur” between hardware and software is becoming greater and greater.  Wherever and whenever possible we will point out to you the differences and why they are important.  Computers are embedded in virtually every complex device today from microwave ovens to cars to toys.  Some of these devices only are designed to perform simple functions, others quite complex as the computers in today’s cars which monitor virtually all aspects of a car’s operation.

But, to take full advantage of today’s sophisticated Hardware, proper software is imperative.  We have come to rely on these devices in virtually every aspect of our lives and they need to perform in the way we intended them too.

software bank

With this wide proliferation of “smart devices” it is virtually impossible for the latest person to keep up with the latest software being released.  It is also sometimes hard to weed through the different types and versions of existing software.  That is why Software Reviews are so important.

Software Reviews

One of the most important value of software reviews is that they can be used to train technical authors in the development of extremely low-defect documents, and also to identify and remove process inadequacies that encourage defects (the defect prevention process).  These defects are also known as “bugs” to most people.  As software becomes more and more complex it is often impossible to detect everything through testing prior to release.

You do not have time to buy and compare different pieces of software, and even if you had the time, you wouldn’t have the expertise to do so.  In just a few short minutes you can find out what software best meets your need, and just as important, your budget.

Software is most often designed by computer programmers, or software engineers.  Below is a video that shows a little more of what a software engineer does.

Wikipedia’s description of software can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software

Software is everywhere, and it will just continue to grow and grow as devices become smarter and smarter and more complex.  Count on us to provide you with quality information about software as we are the software bank.

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